Why We Do It

Below is a letter to us from a service member who had received one of our bags:



Yesterday, I traveled through the San Diego Airport. A USO Volunteer approached me with a bag from the USO and Pepperdine University Alumni Association and thanked me for my service. 

Because I was rushing to get through security, I didn't have time to look inside until I was waiting at the gate. What a surprise! The snacks were great and I munched on them throughout my flight home. However, the best item included was the handmade card. The card really touched me. 

Thank you, your organization, partners, and volunteers for all of the work that you are doing to support our military. Please pass on my thanks to those who contributed their efforts and money in support of service members. It helps morale to receive support like this. 

On behalf of everyone who will receive these food bags this Thanksgiving, please wish the team that put them together a Happy Holiday Season! 


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Stories from our volunteers

One of the servicemen we handed a bag to thanked us profusely. He was traveling with his pregnant wife and 2 year old, and told us their flight had been postponed from 1 PM until 8 PM. Imagine a 6-hour delay at the airport with a small child. They were thrilled with the “bag of goodies” we handed them.
— 2012 Volunteer
One family had just been re-united from the husband returning from Afghanistan. They were headed home for a well deserved leave. One young soldier said he was flying to Memphis to surprise his parents who did not know he was coming. It was great to speak to many of them and each and every one of them were so grateful and honored that we took the time to say thanks in such a small way. It was a very rewarding experience!!
— 2012 Volunteer
I was able to give bags to an entire group of young guys traveling with their gunny to training. These guys were so excited to be receiving something to eat. One guy kept repeating that we were now best friends for life. It was definitely the most rewarding point of my volunteering process.
— 2011 Volunteer
We were delighted to volunteer for this project especially because we are from a long line of military families and this was a great way for us to have our young children involved in community service. Our 4 year old daughter Mackenzie was diligently on the lookout for anyone she thought was in the military and was great at spotting camoflouge gear, and our 2 year old stood patiently waiting with a bag in hand. All of the service members were very grateful and it was our privilege to do something so small for them.
— 2012 Volunteer
The whole experience was a true blessing. Can’t wait to do it again. My wife and I were surprised at how grateful and humble that our young men were. A few were so surprised that somebody would do this. “You mean that this is for me?” We were also thanked by a few parents who were accompanying their sons at the airport.
— 2012 Volunteer
It was heartwarming to see the smiles and appreciation from those receiving the bags as well as their proud families.
— 2012 Volunteer