Write a note of thanks


Thank you for your willingness to write a thank you note to a service member. We can’t tell you how much they appreciate hearing from you, but maybe they can. Read the thank you letter below we received from a service member.

A note from a service member who received a bag



Yesterday, I traveled through the San Diego Airport. A USO Volunteer approached me with a bag from the USO and Pepperdine University Alumni Association and thanked me for my service. 

Because I was rushing to get through security, I didn't have time to look inside until I was waiting at the gate. What a surprise! The snacks were great and I munched on them throughout my flight home. However, the best item included was the handmade card. The card really touched me. 

Thank you, your organization, partners, and volunteers for all of the work that you are doing to support our military. Please pass on my thanks to those who contributed their efforts and money in support of service members. It helps morale to receive support like this. 

On behalf of everyone who will receive these food bags this Thanksgiving, please wish the team that put them together a Happy Holiday Season! 


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Q: What should I write my note on?


A:  The notes need to have a little bit of thickness to them so they don't get crushed or torn by the other items in the drawstring bag. We recommend using note cards with envelopes if you have them, or thicker paper such as construction paper. If you are going to use regular paper, please try to fold it in half twice to give it more stability.


Q: Are there terms I should be aware of?


A:  Yes! Please try to use the term 'service member' and not 'soldier'. Soldier refers specifically to the Army and the bags will be handed out to our service members in all branches of the military.

Q: What should I write?

A:  We recommend thanking the service member for their service to our country. From there you can say exactly what you are thankful for and what it means to you. You can also share a memory or story about you or someone you know who served or is serving, or even what you hope for the service member receiving the note. We want these to be uplifting and a show of gratitude.

Q: Who do you want to write the notes?

A:  Anyone!! We would love notes (or drawings) from kids, teens, young adults and adults.  Anyone of any age thanking our service members is perfect.

Q: Where should I send my notes?

A:  Please send your notes to USO San Diego downtown center office.

USO San Diego Downtown Center
c/o Waves of Appreciation
303 A Street, Suite 100
San Diego, CA92101

Q: When do they need to be in by?

A:   We would love to receive your thank you notes by Monday, November 5, 2018, ideally but will be happy to receive them at any point until December 18, 2018.